About the Author

Shivali Tandon is a happiness coach and her near & dear call her the “Happy Counsellor” who in time of need puts all her efforts to solve problems faced by them and this is how she is able to impact the lives of many each day… She strongly believes in the power of Cosmos energies & in the existence of God, she says “the existence of cosmos energies around us when sincerely experienced through heart, soul & mind makes us much more powerful & extraordinary to accomplish anything impossible in life”.
She is a Post-graduate in Human Resources Management along with Office Management credentials and multiple certifications added to her academics qualification. Her creativity, management skills & strategic planning has engaged herself in multiple tasks at work & in personal life. Her current experience on Human Resources career helps her to connect with people more efficiently, and at the social level, she is associated with a couple of non-profit organisations with a motive to support the society. With her personal life experiences, she has learnt to be optimistic & resolute in any given situation. She loves to share the key to Success & Growth in Life with others by consistently using her persuasiveness to encourage others.